First Presbyterian Church Preschool offers a variety of programs to meet student and parental needs.  From extended class options to parent education programs, the school strives to offer the community access to early childhood educational opportunities.

Weekday School:

The Weekday School program offers half day morning classes for children ages three, four, and five years.  Through the use of Creative Curriculum, classroom teachers provide experiences for children to help lay the foundation for life-long learning and success.  The West Virginia Early Learning Standards Framework (WV ELSF) is a major tool that helps teachers balance learning between Science, Math, Language and Literacy, Physical Development, Arts and Social/Emotional growth.

The Toddler Program:

The Toddler Program offers half day morning classes for children ages one and two (must be one year of age by July 1, 2018).  Children in the Toddler classes learn discovery through active hands-on sensory learning. Social and Emotional learning is also a key component of the Toddler Program ensuring that young students learn elemental skills in bonding, self awareness, delay of gratification, caring and empathy (just to name a few).

Early Drop Off:

Beginning each morning at 8:00 a.m., Early Drop Off is offered as a convenience for parents who need extra time in the morning.  The cost of early drop off is $6 per day, and parents are only charged for the days that their child attends Early Drop Off.

Early Drop Off is held in Room 216 which is set up in the Creative Curriculum environment.  Each morning there are new challenges to be found throughout the room so students can begin their mornings exploring and creating.

After School Care (“Lunch Bunch”):

Lunch Bunch begins at noon with a nutritious lunch.  Once the students have finished eating, they can find a rest mat to quietly read or rest.  This allows the students time to digest their food before playing begins.  Lunch bunch commences on their the playground or the playroom where they socialize and play with others until time to go home.

Extended Classes:

Each nine weeks, beginning in September and January, various extended classes are offered for students ages three, four and five years old.  Typical classes are science, math, accelerated reading skills, gym, art, cooking, and Spanish language class.  Each nine weeks brings a different line up of classes.  New class line-ups are announced early in September and January.  Call the preschool office for more information at 304-343-8961 ext. 128