Curriculum Objectives:

Social-Emotional – experiences will be provided in which children will be encouraged to:

  1. Share in God’s love and forgiveness.
  2. Become aware of self, others, family, neighborhood, school, Church and community.
  3. Appreciate feelings and rights of self and others.
  4. Accept and give affection.
  5. Develop self-esteem.
  6. Express self verbally.
  7. Strengthen self-reliance.
  8. Exhibit self-control.
  9. Accept guidance.
  10. Accept responsibility.
  11. Respect and care for property.
  12. Work and play co-operatively.
  13. Participate in group activities.
  14. Try new things.
  15. Enjoy life.

Physical – Large and small motor development will be enhanced through experiences in which children will be encouraged to:

  1. Increase body awareness and coordination.
  2. Increase fine motor control.
  3. Explore movement and rhythm.

To achieve our goals and objectives, First Presbyterian Church uses Creative Curriculum.

Creative Curriculum is an age appropriate environmental curriculum which is child directed. We teach in teams of two which helps to model cooperation for children. We believe when children see adults working together that it creates a positive example for the classroom. Creating a stress free classroom with a consistent routine has proven to provide the right kind of play zone where our students can learn, explore and create. Our goal is educating children to be creative, independent, and caring individuals.

Cognitive/Creative – Self-exploration experience will be provided in which children will be encouraged to:

  1. Develop skills necessary for reading.
  2. Develop skills necessary for math.
  3. Increase awareness of the physical world.
  4. Increase awareness of the social world.
  5. Express self-creativity.
  6. Develop aesthetic appreciation.
  7. Think creatively, critically, and independently.