The Half-Day Program is offered to children ages one through five years old. Classrooms are made up of two classroom teachers, sharing responsibilities of planning and teaching equally. Children are placed with their peers in age-specific classrooms and small teacher to student ratios are maintained to allow for adequate instruction and care of students. Arrival for the Half-Day Program is between 7:45am-8:15am and dismissal is between 11:45am-12:15pm. Students are greeted and dismissed in an orderly fashion in our carpool lane at our preschool-specific entrance. For the months of August and September, parents are welcome to walk their student(s) into the building if they wish. Students receive a breakfast provided by the school and those with allergies are accommodated.

Through the use of Creative Curriculum, a play-based curriculum, classroom teachers provide experiences for children to help lay the foundation for life-long learning and success. The West Virginia Early Learning Standards Framework (WV ELSF) and West Virginia Early Learning Standards for Infant and Toddlers are major tools that help teachers balance learning between Science, Math, Language and Literacy, Physical Development, Arts and Social/Emotional growth. Children in the toddler classes learn discovery through active hands-on sensory learning. Social and Emotional learning is also a key component of the toddler program ensuring that young students learn elemental skills in bonding, self awareness, delay of gratification, caring and empathy (just to name a few). Children ages three through five engage in active exploration of thoughtfully and intentionally stationed centers. Students are strategically taught critical thinking skills, independence, important social/emotional skills, among many others. Each part of the student’s day involves teaching moments, including mealtimes and gross motor “play”. Individualized instruction is also a large part of our curriculum. Students are evaluated twice a year and individual goals are set for students in October to build on throughout the school year.

First Presby Preschool welcomes students of all religious creeds and developmental levels. We partner with Kanawha County Schools, Birth to Three, and Connect Childcare Resource and Referral to accommodate and recognize the needs of all students.

Personal Belongings:

Children in the Half-Day Program will need a backpack daily, an extra change of clothes to keep at the school, and diapers if applicable. First Presby Preschool provides all meals and wipes.