Enrollment upcoming for school year 2018-2019 is in process!   If you have questions or would like a tour of the facility, call the preschool office at 304-343-8961. We would love to show you around.  Look HERE for the new brochure…

Brochure 20182019

Bundle options 20182019


Come and see us!  Tours available:

Tour Flyer

School has started for this year, but we are still enrolling students.  Don’t miss this opportunity to include your student in the creative and festive fun of preschool!

Keep your children safe when the weather is “iffy”.  Here is a chart for helping to navigate the dangers weather can have on outdoor play.

Weather Watch chart

Monday, December 17:  (snack) Cereal Mix and Apples (lunch) Pancake on Stick, Yogurt, Bananas, Milk and Water

Tuesday, December 18:  (snack)  English Muffins with jelly and Apple Sauce (Lunch) Grilled Cheese, Bananas, Chicken Noodle Soup, water and milk

Wednesday, December 19: (snack) Rice Cakes and Oranges (Lunch) Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Apples, milk and water

Thursday, December 20: (snack) Pretzels and pineapples (lunch) Butter Noodles, Salad, Apples, water and milk

Friday, December 21: (snack) Graham Crackers, Raisins, and Hot Chocolate (lunch) Bagels and Cream Cheese Pineapple, Veggie Straws, milk and water

Christmas manger

If Kanawha County public schools are closed because of weather conditions or any other emergency, our program will also be closed.  If public schools are delayed by one or two hours, our program will delay ONE hour.  Early drop off will start at 9 instead of 8 o’clock.