Our new brochure for school year 2020-2021 is here!  Check it out.  Registration begins Sunday, February 16th.  You can email registration information to preschool@firstpresby.com OR drop off your registration forms at the school.

Brochure 20202021

Bundle options 20202021

Call the preschool office for more information or email us at preschool@firstpresby.com

Monday, March 16 (snack) English muffins and pears (lunch) Butter noodles, bread sticks, salad, milk and water

Tuesday, March 17 (snack) Graham crackers and green grapes (lunch) Pizzadillas, salad, pineapple, milk and water

Wednesday, March 18 (snack) Cinnamon bread and berries (lunch) Bagels and cream cheese, pineapple, mixed veggies, milk and water

Thursday, March 19 (snack) Apples and Goldfish crackers (lunch) Bean burritos, carrots and dip, apples, pudding, milk and water.

Friday, March 20 (snack) Potato sticks and string cheese (lunch) French toast sticks, bacon, applesauce, milk and water.

Capitol and river