Our extended class line up schedule is in.  Choose from Early Learning Literacy (Reading), Math, Art, Science (Ornithology), and Gym.

The Reading and Math classes are geared towards rising Kindergartners.

Call the preschool office for more information or email us at preschool@firstpresby.com

The winter months can be hard for a lot of people.  Remember to bring in cans of food and other dry staples for our food pantry.  We are fortunate to have the ability to help others!

Monday, January 20 NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, January 21 NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, January 22 (snack) Tortilla chips and Salsa with string cheese (lunch) Tortellini soup, crackers, cheese, milk and water

Thursday, January 23 (snack) Sweet peppers, carrots, Ranch and crackers (lunch)  Pizza boats, carrots, pineapple, milk and water

Friday, January 24 (snack) Cereal mix and yogurt  (lunch) Pancake on a stick, yogurt, apples, milk and water