Enrollment for the upcoming school year will begin on February 19th.  Our new brochure can be found below.  More information about registration and curriculum can be found throughout the webpage.  If you have questions or would like to have a tour of the facility, please contact the Preschool Office at 304-343-8961.  We would love to show you the wonderful environment that we provide for early childhood learning!

Brochure 20172018

A reminder that we will not be having lunch bunch or extended classes this Wednesday, March 22…for staff meeting.  Please mark this on your calendars and/or relay this message to those who normally pick up your students.  The last day for extended classes is March 29th (for Monday/Wednesday classes) and March 30 (for Tuesday/Thursday classes).  We will be having class on Friday, April 7th; however, our spring break will be Monday through Friday, April 10-14th.  School will resume on Monday, April 17th.

School Snack and Lunch Menu

Monday, April 24:  (snack) Carrots and Celery; Ritz crackers (Lunch) Bean burritos, salsa, carrots, pineapple, milk and water

Tuesday, April 25: (snack) Graham crackers and applesauce  (Lunch) Swirly dogs, corn, grapes, oatmeal cookie, milk and water

Wednesday, April 26: (snack) Cinnamon bread and apples (Lunch) Bow tie Parmesan pasta, bread sticks, peas, milk and water

Thursday, April 27: (snack) Animal crackers and pears (Lunch) Mini turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, milk and water

Friday, April 28:  (snack) French toast sticks and berries (Lunch) Peanut butter and jelly, carrots, apples, milk and water

Summer camp sign up has begun!  Make reservations for your camper today.  Space is limited.  Information for dates and camps themes are in the flyer.  Please direct questions to the preschool office at 304-343-8961 ext. 128

Summer camp 2017

We are currently accepting applications for preschool teachers.  Our jobs are part time positions, as the school is a half-day morning preschool program.  If you are interested in more information, contact the preschool office at 304-343-8961 ext. 128.  Also, follow the website link to ‘Employment’ for additional help or to download an application.