Enrollment upcoming for school year 2019-2020 is in process!   If you have questions, call the preschool office at 304-343-8961. Look HERE for the new brochure…

Brochure 20192020

Bundle options 20192020

Come and see us!  Tours available:

Tour Flyer

Don’t miss this opportunity to include your student in the creative and festive fun of preschool!

Our playground is getting an upgrade!  Phase two of the playground  re-do is underway.  We have high hopes that it will be complete before the start of school.  There will be a new walking/tricycle track that encloses the whole space, new placement for the sandbox and water play sinks, and a beautiful new shed.  We will be excited to show you when it is complete!  Watch here for more information.

Wow…summer camp was great!  We want to thank all of the campers that make our three weeks of summer camp a success.  First, we blasted to outer space in an other-worldy camp, then it was building and learning with STEAM camp.  We just ended up with Mystery camp where our campers donned their spy garb and followed the clues to catch Mysterio.  We can’t wait to for school to begin on August 19th.  See you soon…campers.


We hope you have a wonderful summer.  Ginna will still be working throughout the summer.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the preschool office.