We are revving up for Demo Day!
Starting this month, our Preschool Education Building is undergoing the following transformations:
1. A new and secure Preschool-specific entrance from the parking lot leading to a refreshed and brightened stairwell from ceiling to floor.
2. New ceilings, freshly painted walls and cabinetry, and new receptacles in all corridors and classrooms, including a new student lunchroom.
3. Updated student-appropriate bathrooms on all preschool floors.
4. A brand new indoor playroom in combined spaces.
5. All preschool spaces will be secure behind locked doors with enhanced security features.
6. A brand new elevator with upgraded security features.
7. New preschool offices inside the preschool space on the second floor.
8. New security cameras with TV/Video monitoring on each floor.
Registration for our half-day and full-day programs is now open for the 2021-2022 school year!
Please contact Anne Moses at anne@firstpresby.com for a guided tour!