Extended Classes:

Each nine weeks, beginning in September and January, various extended classes are offered for students ages three, four and five years old.  Current classes to be offered are still in the design phase for this year.  The options change each nine weeks.  We are looking forward to exciting opportunities for this coming fall semester.  Keep an eye out for information about our class options in September.

Science class:

Science class delves students into exploration of their surrounding.  Learning the properties of matter…liquids, solids and gasses…the students participate in new experiences each class day.

Science pic 2

Art Class:

Children thrive in an environment where exploration is art is offered.  Art Class gives the teacher extra time to allow students to create and explore different art media options.  Color, texture, style and personality make all works of art unique. The smiles on their faces makes the time spent creating worthwhile.


Gym Class:

Gym class allows our students to learn cooperation and game rules in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  During the winter months, students can run and play games like indoor tennis, roller skating, basketball shooting and passing, and many more.  Warm up exercises are also an integral part of gym, and helps to teach our youngest children how to take care of their muscles and bodies.

Fun in the Fall

Fun in the Fall

Cooking Class:

Cooking not only helps children with math and counting concepts, but it also introducing them to volume and space displacement.  Children will become familiar with different properties of food, how different food interact and react with each other, and how good food tastes that THEY MADE.

Story Time with Activities:

Listening to stories is fun for children; this class takes it a step forward with related activities that expand a child’s understanding of what they have heard.  Getting active with stories allows children to act out and explore the stories more in depth.  Children will make their own books, learn from puppets, craft and journal, and become proficient in sight words.

Sign language and Music Class:

Learn basic sign language and apply those new words to music.  Children will learn sign language to songs that they already know how to sing.  Nursery rhymes are also good places to learn new signing words.  The class culminates with a performance at the end of the semester.