The Toddler Program offers half day and full day classes for children ages one and two (must be one year of age and walking by July 1, 2021).  Children in the Toddler classes learn discovery through active hands-on sensory learning. Social and Emotional learning is also a key component of the Toddler Program ensuring that young students learn elemental skills in bonding, self awareness, delay of gratification, caring and empathy (just to name a few).  The Administration and Teaching staff follow West Virginia Early Learning Standards for Infant and Toddlers in our Toddler classrooms.

Classrooms are made up of two classroom teachers, sharing responsibilities of planning and teaching equally.  We have small teacher to student ratios to allow for adequate instruction and care of students and students are assigned to classes specifically by their age and developmental level.

Half-Day Program:

Our half-day program runs from 7:45a.m. to 12:15p.m.  Drop off is between 7:45-8:15 and pick up is between 12:00-12:15.  All students have the option to participate in our carpool procedures at our preschool-specific entrance from the parking lot.  Half-day learners receive instruction in center time and circle time and participate in activities on our outdoor playground or indoor playroom.  Students receive a snack at 10a.m. provided by the school and those with allergies are accommodated.

Full-Day Program:

The full-day program runs from 7:45a.m. to 5:00p.m.  Drop off is between 7:45-8:15a.m. and students are dismissed anytime between 3:00-5:00p.m.  All students have the option to participate in our carpool procedures at our preschool-specific entrance from the parking lot.  Upon the dismissal of half-day students, full-day students are served lunch as a group in our student lunchroom.  Students are also served a morning and afternoon snack provided by the school where children with allergies are accommodated.  Also included in the full-day schedule is rest time, additional center and instruction time, and a rotation of extracurricular activities in music and art, STEM, and gross motor.  A group rest time allows children to get more quality sleep and remain on a consistent schedule for families.  In the Toddler Program, it is not limited to one hour so children receive adequate and developmentally appropriate sleep.

Personal Belongings:

Children in the Toddler Program will need diapers in bulk, a backpack daily, an extra change of clothes, and a lovey and/or blanket for rest time (if applicable).  Rest time belongings will be sent home to families on Fridays or the last day attended to be washed and returned the following week.  Wipes are supplied by the school.