The Toddler Program:

The Toddler Program offers half day morning classes for children ages one and two (must be one year of age by July 1, 2018).  Children in the Toddler classes learn discovery through active hands-on sensory learning. Social and Emotional learning is also a key component of the Toddler Program ensuring that young students learn elemental skills in bonding, self awareness, delay of gratification, caring and empathy (just to name a few).  The Administration and Teaching staff follow West Virginia Early Learning Standards for Infant and Toddlers in our Toddler classrooms.


School Closing Policy


If Kanawha County Public Schools are closed because of weather conditions or any other emergency, our program will also be closed.  If public schools open one hour late, we will also open one hour late.  If, however, public

schools open two hours late, we will differ and open just one hour late.

The school calendar will be revised if school is canceled for more than 3 days.  This policy will allow for making up a maximum of three canceled days, which will be done at the end of the school year.

When You Should Keep Your Child at Home

The following is a policy concerning sickness for our program.  Please be considerate of other children and staff by not sending your child to school with a contagious disease:

Fever:  If a child funs a fever over 100 degrees, keep the child home until the temperature has returned to normal without medication for 24 hours.

-Runny Noses: If your child has allergies and his/her nose runs clear…okay.  If the mucus is yellow or green, or if there if a fever, keep your child at home.  He/she probably has a viral or bacterial infection.

-Vomiting or Diarrhea:  Wait 24 hours after the last incident before returning to school.

-Strep Infection or Pink Eye: Wait 24 hours after the first dose of medicine before coming back to school.

-Chicken Pox: After all blisters have scabbed over and no new ones are appearing.

-Rash: Any rash needs to be identified as not be contagious by your doctor before coming to school.


The above polices are minimum guidelines.  If your doctor recommends a child should stay home longer, please follow instructions.  Also, if your child is taking medication which may affect behavior, it is probably a good idea to keep that child home until he/she can participate in the full range of activities.