To inquire about possible employment options, contact Ginna Taylor, Preschool Director, at 304-343-8961 ext. 128

Team Teaching:

Teaching teams of two share planning and classroom responsibilities.  They are selected on the basis of education, experience, and ability to communicate with young children.  A low teacher/child ratio is maintained in all classes.  The younger the child, the fewer children in the classroom.

First Presbyterian Church Preschool currently employs fourteen teachers and two office administrators.   Part-time employment opportunities are available.  The school operates ten months of the year, from August to May, and is closed in the summer months.  Summer camps operate three separate weeks in the summer as opportunities for additional teaching time.

Interest in teaching?

We are now accepting applications for teachers.  If you are looking for part time employment and are interested in substitute teaching, please send resume and job application to First Presbyterian Church Preschool OR