All tuition fees have been calculated by dividing the total due for the year into ten equal installments from August-May.  Scholarship funds are available to provide partial tuition assistance for families unable to pay the full fees, but whose children would benefit from attending the Preschool Ministry.  Funding through ConnectWV is also accepted.

Half Day Tuition (7:45a.m.-12:15p.m.)

2 Days/Wk (Tuesday/Thursday)        $270/month

3 Days/Wk (Mon/Wed/Fri)          $345/month

5 Days/Wk (Mon-Fri)          $415/month

Full Day Tuition (half-day Fridays; 7:45a.m.-5:00p.m.)

2 Days/Wk (Mon/Wed OR Tues/Thurs)           $400/month

3 Days/Wk (Mon/Wed/Fri)          $445/month

4 Days/Wk (Mon-Thurs)          $655/month

5 Days/Wk (Mon-Fri)             $750/month

Admission and Withdrawal

The preschool is open to all children between one and five years of age regardless of race, nationality, or religious creed.  Your child must be one and walking to be admitted into the Toddler Program and must be potty trained to be admitted into the Pre-K program.  

A child may be withdrawn from the program anytime before March 31st of the current school year.  The administration must receive notice of withdrawal by the 25th of the month or tuition for the following month is due.  If a withdrawal occurs after March 31, tuition for the remainder of the school year is still required since the school is unable to enroll children and fill those spots in the program after March 31.

Arrival and Dismissal

It is important that the arrival and dismissal of children is accomplished as safely and efficiently as possible.  Children are dismissed only to adults designated by parents or guardians and who have the appropriate materials for pick up. 

Drop off begins for students with last name A-L at 7:45 a.m. and students with last name M-Z at 8:00 a.m.  M-Z students may request the earlier time if needed.  Procedures will take place at the preschool-specific entrance in the church parking lot and will be well marked.  All children, regardless of age, may participate in carpool procedures.  Administrators and teaching staff will assist children from the car and to the classrooms.

At dismissal, students are brought out in the order of the carpool lane at their designated pick up timeframe chosen by the parents or guardians.  Our doors are locked promptly at 8:15a.m. and 5:00p.m.  Late arrivals must notify the preschool office and be buzzed in by administrators.  Late fees are charged for late pickup.

School Closing Policy

If Kanawha County Public Schools are closed because of weather conditions or any other emergency, our program will also be closed.  We also follow their lead on delays and early dismissals.  If KCS issues a two-hour early dismissal, we will dismiss between 12:00-12:30.

The school calendar will be revised if school is canceled for more than 3 days.  This policy will allow for making up a maximum of three canceled days, which will be done at the end of the school year.

Emergencies and Safety Precautions

The preschool has very specific plans in case of emergencies that can be found in the office of the Director.  Parents are encouraged to join classroom-specific and the school’s Facebook page for many reasons, but most importantly for information that would be posted in the event of a true emergency.  In those instances, teachers or the Director will go “Live” to better communicate with all families at one time and prevent any communication interferes.

Meals and Allergies

Staff sit at the table with the children and eat the same food as the children unless excused from eating specific foods for medical or religious reasons. The meals are served in a setting that encourages socialization, where children and staff members are seated when eating, and staff members provide supervision and model positive eating behaviors and social interactions.  The children are taught how to pour, pass, and request elements.  The children are also expected to clean up after themselves (and taught to do so) when the meal has ended.

Our school has a specific employee that handles all preparation and delivery of snacks and lunch to ensure it is done is a safe and cautious manner.  A snack is served at 10a.m. and 2:30p.m.  Lunch is served to full-day students at 12:30.  Per licensing guidelines, families may not send food from home.  Those with allergies will be accommodated and stringent safety precautions are put in place.  Meals are well-balanced and prepared according to the US Department of Agriculture’s Dietary guidelines.  Menus are sent home monthly for both snacks and lunch.


Immunizations are required.  For a list of requirements, please search the WV DHHR webpage for Child Care Immunization Guidelines.

When You Should Keep Your Child at Home

The following is a policy concerning sickness for our program.  Please be considerate of other children and staff by not sending your child to school with a contagious disease:

Fever:  If a child funs a fever over 100 degrees, keep the child home until the temperature has returned to normal without medication for 24 hours.

-Runny Noses: If your child has allergies and his/her nose runs clear…okay.  If the mucus is yellow or green, or if there if a fever, keep your child at home.  He/she probably has a viral or bacterial infection.

-Vomiting or Diarrhea:  Wait 24 hours after the last incident before returning to school.

-Strep Infection or Pink Eye: Wait 24 hours after the first dose of medicine before coming back to school.

-Chicken Pox: After all blisters have scabbed over and no new ones are appearing.

-Rash: Any rash needs to be identified as not be contagious by your doctor before coming to school.

The above polices are minimum guidelines.  If your doctor recommends a child should stay home longer, please follow instructions.  Also, if your child is taking medication which may affect behavior, it is probably a good idea to keep that child home until he/she can participate in the full range of activities.


Attendance is not mandatory; however, it is requested that parents call in to the school to report when a student is to be absent.

Parent Involvement

Parents have a vital role to play at our school.  We recognize that the wholesome development of a child depends upon how well parents and staff work together.  The Preschool would like to encourage your interest, involvement, and help.  There are many ways parents may volunteer at our school.  At the beginning of each year, parents are given an interest checklist to provide the Director with insight on who would like to become more involved.  In addition, we have many family events, programs, committees, fundraisers, and community outreach projects that parents can be involved in.  


Monthly classroom newsletters keep you informed about educational activities, special events and meetings.  The Lollipop Reporter is the Preschool Program newsletter and presents articles and information of more general interest to the children and parents of the school.  We urge you to read these and other notices carefully.  You will find, too, that they serve as good discussion starters in talking with your child about the latest happenings at school.  Teachers are required to develop a Facebook page or another electronic means of communication and we encourage all families to participate.


Conferences with your child’s teachers may be the best and most direct way to discuss concerns that you may have with your child’s growth and development.  We offer two times during the year that conferences are encouraged; however, feel free to contact your child’s teachers anytime that you would like to arrange a conference.  You may also arrange a conference with the Preschool Director at any time.


All children in the program are being assessed on a daily basis for development and growth in major content areas including:  cognitive, physical, and social/emotional.  Teachers keep assessment progress on each child in a file that is kept in a locked cabinet.  All information in the assessment files are kept confidential and are made available only for view of the teachers, parents of the child, Director of the program and Early Intervention staff (and then, only with signed permission from the parents).  If you have questions concerning the development of your child, you are encouraged to contact your child’s teacher at anytime of the school year, or you can contact the Preschool Director.  We would be glad to set up a meeting to discuss your concerns.

Vision, Speech, and Developmental Concerns/Birth-To-Three Services

The Preschool may call on services of Birth-to-Three or Kanawha County Schools Early Intervention for screening.  If a teacher or parent has concerns about a child, they are instructed to contact the Director, who has a Masters Degree is Preschool Special Education.  Appropriate forms and consents are required before children can be screened.  All information is strictly confidential and can be accessed only by the Preschool Director, parents and Early Intervention staff.

Those already receiving Birth to Three Services are welcome to continue receiving services while at school.

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